Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Endeavors - dummies

Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Endeavors

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

Part of Social Media Engagement For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Measuring social media engagement goes way beyond the number of friends, fans, and followers you have. How many friends you have isn’t as important as how often your SME efforts lead people to tangible actions. Instead, focus your efforts on the connections, interactions, and conversations that you have with fans and followers.

Some social networks — such as Google+ — are more difficult for third-party tools to analyze because they don’t provide metrics and don’t give programmers access to pull metrics into reporting tools. Having numbers available to track over time provides you with a benchmark and a sense of your progress with SME. When a social network doesn’t provide access to extensive analytics, manually record the growth of your following and increases — or decreases — in interactions such as likes, comments and shares to gauge your progress.

Many tracking and analytics tools exist for specific social media networks; others compile data from across your social media landscape and “crunch” the numbers to give you a rating or score. This list highlights tools that help provide different ways of recording and assessing numbers that help you measure and analyze your SME activity:

  • FollowerWonk: Assess your followers’ interests and create a word cloud to show those interests.

  • Sysomos: This monitoring tool (from the producers of Heartbeat, a social media monitoring dashboard) measures sentiment and helps you track conversations by country, city, or state or by profession or gender.

  • PeopleBrowsr: This lower-cost alternative to the paid services lets you search by topic, brand, or name.

  • SimplyMeasured: Have free reports e-mailed to you, including a free Facebook Competitive Analysis Report to see what other brands are doing well.

  • Social Mention: Measure the likelihood that your brand is being discussed in social media and see whether the general sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral.

  • PeerIndex: Measure millions of likes, retweets, and comments daily to calculate everyone’s influence in social media.

  • Klout: Rate your social media influence across the social networks you use.

  • Kred: Create a trusted influence network to build your social media influence.