How to Use LinkedIn with Evernote - dummies

How to Use LinkedIn with Evernote

By Joel Elad

If you use Evernote to help control all the information you record and access on a constant basis, you can benefit from an official integration between Evernote Premium and LinkedIn that will make your networking life much easier.

LinkedIn + Evernote = automated networking processes

An Evernote mobile app feature parses a business card you photograph, pulling out key contact information. More importantly, using the email address on the card, it scans LinkedIn to see whether that person is already on LinkedIn. If so, the LinkedIn profile information will be displayed in Evernote, and you can send an invitation to connect.

This way, you can meet someone and get her business card — and then add this person’s information to your contact program and send her a LinkedIn invitation while you’re still in front of her!

The image below shows an example of a business card after it’s been scanned into Evernote using the Evernote mobile app. If the person is a LinkedIn user, Evernote imports that person’s profile photo, name, company, and title from her LinkedIn profile and assigns her to the corresponding fields in the Evernote record, which is indicated by the LinkedIn icon next to those fields. After this integration, Evernote helps you send a LinkedIn invitation to this new contact from the Evernote screen.

LinkedIn and Evernote
Evernote integrates LinkedIn information when you meet someone new.

You can’t send customized invitations with this feature, so the person will get a generic invitation message. However, if you inform the person of this incoming invitation when you are face-to-face, it mitigates the impersonal nature of the invitation.

Beyond the business card feature, Evernote allows you to store templates you can use when you send customized invitations, invitation responses, or responses you commonly make when interacting with people. Although any storage program can hold your templates, Evernote is currently the only app that integrates with business card scanning. When you want to add this functionality to your Evernote app, follow these steps:

  1. In the Evernote app, click Account on the bottom navigation bar, and then click Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click the Camera heading.You see the settings page for Evernote, including a link for Business Cards.
  3. Click Business Cards, and then click Connect next to the LinkedIn option.
  4. Log into LinkedIn and give your authorization to connect your LinkedIn account with your Evernote account.
    Evernote interface with LinkedIn
    Give Evernote authorization to interface with your LinkedIn account.

    Congratulations! Your Evernote and LinkedIn accounts are now connected. The next time you take a picture of a business card, you should see LinkedIn integration at work.