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Tips for Managing Your Article or Post Interactions on LinkedIn

By Joel Elad

LinkedIn lets you publish articles or long-form blog posts. After you click Publish, you may think your job is done, but it has only begun. As people read your post, they can interact with it and with you as the author. Remember the following after you publish a post:

  • Monitor the statistics. When you look at your post, you’ll see three key numbers associated with views, likes, and comments. These represent how many people viewed your post, how many people clicked Like for your post, and how many comments were left for your post. As you publish more posts, you can start to judge their effectiveness by seeing which topics generated the most interest.
  • Go further with article analytics. When you click the Write an Article button on the home page, and then the More button at the top-right corner of the screen, you see a list of the articles you’ve published. Each article has a View Stats option. Select that option and LinkedIn will display more information on how your article affected the community. For example, you see how many views and likes came from you (and others) sharing the article, and the number of reshares. More valuable can be the viewing audience demographics, where you can see data such as the companies, job titles, and locations of your readers.
  • Read and respond to comments. As people read your post, they may be inspired to write a comment. You should check the Comments section of your posts regularly to see whether anyone is asking you a question. Also feel free to respond publicly in the Comments section. You can also click the link for that user and respond privately, depending on the nature of the comment.
  • Follow up with your own comments. As the post gets more visibility, you can leave your own comments. Perhaps you want to share an effect your post had or a follow-up you did that might be relevant to the readers of your post.
  • Share your post on other platforms. Your LinkedIn posts aren’t exclusive to LinkedIn. You can share your post on other social media networks, and on your own publishing platforms, such as a blog or a website. And if your company has a LinkedIn Company page, you can share it there too.