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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: 10 Social-Selling Resources

By Perry van Beek

There are many resources available to help you with your social-selling activities using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Here are the top ten favorites. You’ll only improve how you sell with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet

Before you start your social-selling journey with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you need to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to par. This simple-to-follow LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet walks you through optimizing your profile in 15 easy-to-follow steps.

LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet
Keep this cheat sheet on hand for a quick reference guide on getting your LinkedIn profile in top shape.

LinkedIn Unlocked

The LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet is a quick fix. If you’re looking to dive a lot deeper into LinkedIn and discover many of the secrets very few people know and use, you should read LinkedIn Unlocked, written by Melonie Dodaro, the Chief Executive Officer of Top Dog Social Media.

LinkedIn Unlocked
LinkedIn Unlocked offers a comprehensive discussion of social selling on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales blog

This is LinkedIn’s own blog on anything related to business-to-business (B2B) sales and social selling. The LinkedIn Sales blog includes articles and posts from LinkedIn staff as well as from outside experts. It’s become a go-to source for everything LinkedIn.

LinkedIn sales blog
LinkedIn’s sales blog is a one-stop shop for LinkedIn social-selling news.

Social selling LinkedIn search

While you’re navigating LinkedIn, why not search for #SocialSelling in the LinkedIn news feed? You will receive personal and customized search results that take into account who you’re connected to or follow on LinkedIn. Try saving this page as a favorite in your Internet browser.

social selling search LinkedIn
Performing a search for social selling in LinkedIn returns a wealth of helpful information.

#Social Selling Twitter search

Of course, as with the LinkedIn news feed, searching for #SocialSelling on Twitter provides you with even more results. Try filtering your search results even further to only include posts from people you follow or people nearest you. It’s also a good idea to save this page as a favorite in your Internet browser.

#socialselling Twitter search
Searching for “Social Selling” on Twitter is another great way to get the latest news.

Anders Pink

This Anders Pink collection of social-selling articles is easily the best out there. This list contains some of the best golden nuggets about sales and social selling you will find.

Anders Pink
Anders Pink is a top-notch source for social-selling information.

Top Dog Social Media

Melonie Dodaro’s blog on everything related to LinkedIn is a gold mine of information. It should be your go-to resource for advice on any challenges you may be having or for inspiration you may need regarding your social-selling activities on LinkedIn.

Top Dog Social Media
A great site for LinkedIn enthusiasts.

Venture Harbour

If you’re one for statistics, you might want to regularly check out Venture Harbour, a “digital innovation studio” that helps entrepreneurs and marketers grow their businesses. If you’re still on the fence about social selling, Venture Harbour’s list of 20 lead-nurturing statistics and charts should convince you to start today.

Venture Harbor
Venture Harbour will give you your social-selling statistics fix. (Try saying that ten times fast!)

HubSpot sales blog

The HubSpot sales blog is another general resource to keep an eye on when you’re looking to stay up to date with everything that is happening in the world of social selling. I check this and the Harvard Business Review blog (discussed next) at least once a week to keep up with the latest news on B2B sales and social-selling news.

HubSpot blog
The HubSpot blog provides helpful sales information.

Harvard Business Review

You’re probably already familiar with the Harvard Business Review for your everyday business news, but did you know that it also offers a rich source of online information about sales and marketing? It’s a good idea to bookmark the Harvard Business Review Sales page. Make sure to check regularly.

Harvard Business Review
The Harvard Business Review has sales-related information any social-selling professional would find helpful.