Is Bebo the Social Media App for You? - dummies

Is Bebo the Social Media App for You?

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

How do you know what the right social medial outlet is for you? Modern culture is becoming more reliant on social media such as Bebo, Facebook, Twitter, and What’sApp, as well as many others. The following questionnaire will help you determine whether or not you have what it takes to be social on the new Bebo.

If you are a Microsoft Windows Phone or Amazon Fire Phone user, this application is not for you. Unless/until Bebo Inc., decides to add support for these devices, you will have to pass on this app; sorry!

  1. Do you consider yourself to be a social person?

  2. Do you visit social media sites and social applications on a daily basis?

  3. Do you primarily contact friends and family through messaging instead of phone calls?

  4. Do you know what a hashtag is?

  5. Do you utilize your smartphone for its capability to run third-party applications?

  6. Do you get bored with standard messaging features and old emoticons?

  7. Do you like the ability to customize what your friends and family see when they contact you?

  8. Do you like to chat with attitude?

    Check out the image for an example of an avatar with attitude. This avatar conveys personal messages by “acting” out the activity presented with a hashtag.


If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you are someone who is social and typically current with what is new and popular. You often are the person whom people go to for questions on this matter, and you are the trendsetter. Chances are the new Bebo application is right up your ally; download the app from your device’s app store and check it out!

If you answered yes to roughly half of the questions, then you are a person with both a professional side and a wild side. You know when it is appropriate to be social and when it is not. Bebo may be for you, especially when you let your wild side out! Play around with the app and see what you think.

If you answered no to many of these questions, then you are a more reserved person and enjoy your privacy. You often only use your phone to place calls and send text messages when necessary.

You rarely check in on your Facebook and Twitter accounts (if you even have them), and when it comes time to contact someone, you prefer the standard feature-free method as opposed to all the extra bells and whistles. The new Bebo application is probably not for you.