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How to Use Online Resources to Customize Your MySpace Page

Although MySpace is highly customizable, most of the tools for dressing up a MySpace page are actually not provided by MySpace. A whole new class of online resources has popped up to help MySpace users make their pages unique:

  • Thomas’ Myspace Editor: Generates a unique page of programming code you can drop into your MySpace page to give it your own look. Simple drop-down lists let you set the look of all your MySpace page features.

  • MySpace Toolbox: Provides a profile editor that’s similar to Thomas’ Myspace Editor, except it takes the tools a step further — into the realm of predesigned layouts and ready-to-load goodies such as backgrounds, images, and videos by popular musical artists.

  • Glitter Graphics: Includes a generator you can use to create your own glittery messages that are sure to catch any visitor’s eye. The site also features tools for creating blog and profile surveys, as well as eye candy (scrolling images and graphics).

  • Tools For MySpace: Features a page-layout editor, as well as a few other fun tools — including code for adding games to your page, a customizer for your Contact Table, and a page translator that alters your page to another language or into slang.

  • GIMP: The GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is image-editing software you can use to get your photos ready for MySpace. The software is on a par with professional image editors, such as Adobe Photoshop — and is completely free.

  • Windows Movie Maker: A free application that comes with Windows XP and Vista, and it works only on PCs. It allows you to edit and manipulate your videos before you post them.

    Note that Windows Movie Maker will not be on Windows 7 by default, users will have to download it in the Windows Live suite.

  • *iMovie: If you have a Mac, look for the latest release of iMovie to accomplish the same tasks as the Windows Movie Maker. It’s not a free product, but it’s part of Apple’s iLife suite of products.

  • Audacity: A sound recorder and editor program. This free software turns your PC or Mac into a recording studio, for your band’s new tunes or your next podcast.

  • Quizilla: A site where people can create quizzes designed to give you insight into your personality. After you get your quiz results, you can generate some code that you can paste into MySpace so you can share the new insight with your MySpace friends.