How to Use Bebo - dummies

How to Use Bebo

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

Bebo, the new up and coming social media application, is as easy to use as it is fun to look at. You can get this new application from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Launch Bebo and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account creation process.

After you have successfully downloaded, installed, and created your new Bebo account, it is time to learn how to use this puppy.


Launch the Bebo application

Open the Bebo application by tapping on the Bebo icon from within your device’s Home screen or app drawer. You then either will be signed in automatically or will be presented with a welcome screen asking for your username and password. If so, enter your credentials to continue.

Since Bebo automatically signs you in, you most likely will not be presented with the welcome screen. However, if you are someone who enjoys their privacy, you can select the icon with the three dashes in the top left corner of the app to open a gray drop-down menu and choose Logout.

This not only will keep your messages closed to prevent new notifications from populating on your device, but will also keep your message threads locked until you log in again. This prevents spying eyes from seeing what you have been Bebo-ing about.

Navigate Bebo’s Home screen

Bebo’s Home screen is where most of the application’s visual features are built. Here, you are shown a Beboji (image of your Bebo avatar striking a pose) and a few icons on the top of the app screen including a status bubble. Located in the middle is a search bar to help you find friends, and toward the bottom of the app’s Home screen is a list of your Bebo contacts including their current statuses and an indicator of any open message threads.

  • Tap on the status bubble to update your status and include a hashtag to change your current Beboji. The default pose you selected when setting up your account will display if no hashtag is used. For example, Having a great night! #chillin will show your new status and update your Beboji to an image of your avatar chillin’ out at home.

  • To open conversations, group-chats, add users, change app settings, and logout, tap the dashed icon located in the top left corner of the application. A gray drop-down menu appears; tap to make your selection accordingly.

  • To use the Share the Luv feature, tap the gift/heart icon in the top right corner of Bebo’s Home screen. This feature is essentially Bebo’s version of popularity points.

  • To edit your default pose and the avatar you have created, tap the t-shirt icon located just below the Luv icon, along the top right-hand side of the screen.

  • To search for and add friends that aren’t connected through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, use the search box that spans the middle of the app’s Home screen. You can perform a search by first typing the “at” symbol (@) followed be either their full name or their Bebo username. If it finds them, a Beboji of your friend will appear.

  • To start a message thread with a friend in your Contacts list, tap the Beboji of your friend located at the bottom of your Bebo Home screen. Here, you also will be able to see your friend’s current statuses as well as their poses.

Hashtags make Bebo more exciting

Although Bebo relies heavily on hashtags to make this application more exciting, there are two different ways you can use hashtags to spice up your Bebo account.

  1. Use a hashtag in your status bubble.

    By using a hashtag in your status bubble, you can change your poses to what you are feeling for the day. For example, you can leave your status message blank and just type #happy to show your friends that you are in a good mood.

  2. Use a hashtag in a message thread.

    Using a hashtag in a message thread can provide a few different results. The first result and most boasted feature of this application is the ability to hashtag anything you can think of, resulting in a Beboji of you and the friend in your message thread acting the hashtag out.

    The second result will unlock some of Bebo’s hidden features — such as playing games, sharing music and locations, collecting Luv points, and even simple drawing. You can initialize these features by using the coordinating hashtag:

    • To play games use #coinflip, #flappyhead, #magic8ball, and so on

    • To share music use #music

    • To share your location use #location

    • To collect and send Luv points use #luv

    • To draw a doodle use #draw

Keep in mind that there is a right and wrong way to hashtag with this application. The right way to place a hashtag is by putting it at the end of your message, remembering to use all lowercase letters and no spaces. For example, #datenightwithnetflix will result in a Beboji of your avatar pigging out on the couch. The wrong way includes hashtags in the middle of messages, capital letters, and spaces. Using the same example, “#Date Night with Netflix” will result in absolutely nothing!

After you get the hang of using hashtags you will find it hard to message any other way . . . #havefun