How to Solicit Visual Social Marketing Images from Employees - dummies

How to Solicit Visual Social Marketing Images from Employees

By Krista Neher

Collecting photos and videos taken by employees can be a quick and easy way to build a visual social marketing library. Because employees continually interact with your business and its customers, they’re helpful as resources for images.

To generate images from employees, try these strategies:

  • Ask them to gather any existing visual elements the company can use. Many businesses are surprised to find how many images and videos their employees have already taken.

  • Ask them to create visual elements. Employees on the ground floor who interact with customers and products can be powerful resources. Ask employees to share their visual assets, and give them specific examples of the types you’re looking for.

  • Run a photo contest. Sometimes you get better results by adding a little incentive.

    For example, a furniture company that was struggling to find compelling images for its Facebook page, so it ran a photo contest for employees in which the employee with the best photo at the end of the month was awarded a $200 prize. The store generated more than 500 interesting and compelling images to be used in its visual social marketing.

When asking others to produce and share visual assets, provide guidelines and inspiration. Let them know the types of visuals that will be helpful, and encourage them to be creative.

If you’re asking employees to share visual elements, they must follow all copyright and legal guidelines. Also, as a business, you must have permission from employees to use their images in your marketing efforts, or else you may violate copyright and privacy laws.