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How to Shoot Photos and Videos for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

The natural starting point for generating new visual assets for a social marketing campaign is often to take photos and videos that can be used in visual social marketing.

To get started, you don’t need professional-level equipment — start with the equipment you already have. You might be surprised at the high-quality images and videos you can take, even by using a typical smartphone.

If you have no equipment, you can borrow some — or start with a simple entry-level digital camera.

Look for opportunities to take photos in the course of your business activities. Whether you own a small business or you work for a large organization, you have countless opportunities to take photos that can be used in your visual social marketing efforts.

Consider using the types of settings described in the following list as photo opportunities to help your business get started:

  • Workplace: Take photos or videos of the workplace, focusing on the intriguing or unique aspects that people might find interesting. Encourage your team or employees to get involved.

  • Product: If you have a product-oriented business, take photos and videos of your product in its natural environment. People like to see real-life photos taken by real people. Show customers what they can expect, by displaying simple photos of your product in action.

  • Event: Attending — or even hosting — an industry event is an opportunity to collect visual assets. You can generate them from training events, meetings, or even community events that you attend.

  • Customer: Images and videos of your customers can be quite compelling. Record video testimonials or create pictures or videos of your customers using your product or service.

  • Employee: Showing the real people who are working hard to provide a product or a service can also be quite compelling.

    Request permission from employees or coworkers before recording them.

  • Other interesting and related elements: Find opportunities to build visual displays of interesting information that’s related to your business, such as your neighborhood, suppliers, favorite books, or anything else that may interest your target audience.

Social media isn’t about sharing everything — it’s about sharing the most interesting information.

In addition to getting started by shooting videos and photos, you can start experimenting with creating images and videos based on text or illustrations, without live footage. For example, here are some images created — in fewer than five minutes — by using a mobile application.


Embrace the simple ways in which you can easily begin to build an image library yourself, by quickly taking or creating images that can be reused repeatedly.