How to Share the Love (Luv) on Bebo - dummies

How to Share the Love (Luv) on Bebo

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

If you are a long-time supporter of Bebo and used to frequent the old Bebo website, you may remember a feature known as Luv. In a nutshell, Luv was designed as a way to track popularity within the website. You could send Luv points to your friends. For example, the more Luv points you have, the more popular your profile is on their network.

Since the website is no longer a social network and now a shortcut on how to download the new Bebo application, Luv points, for a short time, no longer applied.

Now that the new Bebo application launched for both iOS and Android devices, the first wave of app users were all asking the same question: “Where’s the Luv?”

Diehard users asked, and Team Bebo listened. . . As of the Bebo application update version 1.2, Luv points are back and easier to use than ever.


Using Luv points on Bebo can be done in a few different ways.

  1. Tap the heart/gift icon in the top right corner of the application’s home screen.

    After tapping the icon, you will be directed to a pop-up window showing either three gift boxes (rewarding new points to give away), or if already rewarded with Luv points a list of users will populate. Simply choose the people you want to share the love with.

  2. Tap the heart on the bottom right corner of your friends’ Beboji.

    If you already received your Luv for the day from Team Bebo, you can simply tap on the heart within your friends’ Bebo avatar image and give them one Luv point at a time. You can send them more than one point by tapping the heart multiple times until you run out of your daily allowance.

  3. Type #luv in any message thread to be taken to the Luv screen.

    At the Luv screen you are presented with the same information as if you had tapped the heart/gift icon in the top right corner of the home screen. Simply choose a gift box to see how many points you can give out for the day and send points to your friends. When the points are gone you will have to wait for more to become available the following day.

The heart/gift icon changes depending on if you are eligible for a chance to add more Luv points. If the icon shows as a heart and a number underneath indicating how many Luv points you have; you have already received your points for the day.

Tap the heart to see how many Luv points you have and how many you can give away. If a gift box icon appears instead you are eligible to receive your new daily allowance of points. You will be presented with three gift boxes and are told to choose one. You will be given Luv in the form of a number anywhere between 0–10 followed by a red heart icon.

Rumors are circulating that the new Bebo’s use of Luv points not only will be a means to track popularity within their network of users but also (in a future update) will be spendable as a form of social currency used to upgrade your avatar. You will be able to spend Luv on premium items such as new clothing, jewelry, and hairstyles.

If you choose not to share the Luv points, they will expire before the end of the day, starting your next daily count back to zero until awarded more points from Team Bebo. Send your points often and spend them wisely!