How to Share Music with the Bebo App - dummies

How to Share Music with the Bebo App

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

Team Bebo recently added a new feature to the social media app; a feature worth rocking out to — #music. You can share the music you are listening to with your friends and avoid awkward moments like the one described here:

“I love this song! You know the one, I can’t remember the name of it. . . but it goes something like this. . .” (followed by humming noises or whistling that sounds in no way like the song being described)

Just type your message followed by #music, and you’re done. No more attempting to describe a song you don’t know the artist, title, or even the words of.

Using #music in your Bebo status bubble

If you type #music into your status bubble on the top of the Bebo app, your current pose will change to an avatar or Beboji of you playing music with your friends.


In the status bubble you can also use other similar hashtags for similar Beboji results. Try entering one of the following hashtags into your status bubble:





Bebo’s #music used inside a message thread

If you choose a contact and start a message thread with them while you are listening to a groovy jam you want to share; you can send a message to your friend saying you are listening to #music, and it will send that friend an audio clip of the song you are currently enjoying. For instance:

While listening to a song, try sending this message to a friend: This is my favorite song right now. #music

  • Instead of a Beboji being sent like it typically would, in its place, you then will be presented with a white screen and spinning circle in the center.

  • While the circle is spinning don’t be alarmed; the app is listening through the microphone and using technology similar to Grace Note to locate the song.

  • After the song is located, a clip of it including album information will be uploaded. This process can sometimes take a minute or two to complete depending on Internet speed and the processor type built into your device.

  • Your friend will receive your message and an image of the album you are listening to with a Play button in the middle of it. All your friend needs to do is press the Play button to listen to the song you are currently rocking.

  • If you are the one receiving the audio clip, you would simply wait for the message to show up in your inbox and then press the Play button in the middle of the album art image to hear what your friend’s new favorite tune is. Easy as that!

This is by no means a way for your friends to get free music! The clip is low quality and only playable through the Bebo application. This feature is meant as a simple way to let your friends know what you are up to without having to write out a long message explaining every detail.

If you are using older devices such as an iPhone 4 or Android 4.0 and below, this feature is buggy at best. Often while Bebo goes into listening mode, the circle spins continuously with no further actions or can sometimes even freeze up the device; requiring a hard-reset or reboot. To perform a reboot either hold down the power and Home button for 10–15 seconds or completely remove the battery from the device and try using the Bebo application again.