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How to Select Image-Oriented Social Networks for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

When evaluating your resources and content plan for your visual social marketing efforts, you may find that you lack the resources to participate in all the visual social networks. Prioritize your social networks so that you have sufficient resources to be successful.

When deciding which social networks to focus on, consider these factors:

  • Where your audience is: You may have heard the expression “Fish where the fish are.” The same advice applies to social media sites: Spend your time on the social networks where your target audience is spending their time. To be sure that you can reach enough people to justify your investment, calculate how many of the people in your target audience are using the social network.

  • A sufficient level of investment for success: Certain social networks require that you spend a lot of time and effort to be successful, whereas others may require smaller time investments. Evaluate the resources required in order to be successful in a given social network, and weigh your findings against the possible benefits.

  • Marketing opportunities: Certain social networks may seem to be perfect opportunities, but their terms of service or restrictions don’t provide many opportunities for marketers to participate. Understand the restrictions or requirements for businesses to participate to be sure that you can achieve the result you want from social media.

  • Potential benefits: Finally, appraise the potential benefits that you can generate from a social network. Determine what you can reasonably hope to achieve if all goes well. Weigh the benefits of participating in the social network against the cost to participate.