How to Purchase Visual Social Marketing Images from Licensed Image Sites

By Krista Neher

Another way to generate images for visual social marketing is to simply purchase images via a photography website. Many websites sell images for businesses to use, but review the terms of the license for the image to ensure that you’re using it within the licensing agreement.

Before purchasing an image, examine the purchase and licensing options closely. Paying for images online may cost as little as a few cents per image to as much as thousands of dollars for a single photo, though most popular photo sites sell images for 50 cents to a dollar apiece when purchased in bulk.

You may also have to purchase either credits to buy photos or a monthly subscription plan, because few of these sites allow users to purchase single images individually.

Here are a few of the most popular websites for buying images:

Purchasing photos from these sites allows for the commercial use of the images — and you have a wide variety of high-quality images to choose from.

Given the importance of images across all aspects of social media marketing, consider purchasing images for your business from photography sites. Most of the images you can purchase cost less than $1, and you can try to buy versatile photos that you can reuse over time across social networks.