How to Manage Your MySpace Photo Page - dummies

How to Manage Your MySpace Photo Page

You can manage the photos on your MySpace account by using the control buttons in each photo album. To manage photos in a particular album, just click the album you want to modify. The controls appear just above the individual photos in the album.

Click the Options button to open the Album Options dialog box (shown in this figure), where you can change the album’s properties. You can assign a new name to the album, give the album a location, and set who can view your album.


All your photos appear below the controls in each photo album. Click a photo to see the actions you can perform on that image:

  • Set as Default: This photo shows up in the upper-left corner of your profile when anybody views it.

  • Use as Album Cover: Click this button to make the photo the one that appears on the album’s icon. You can choose any photo in the album, and you can also select any section of that photo.

  • Move Photo: If you want to change the location of a photo from one album to another, click this button. A dialog box appears, asking you to select the album to which you want to move the photo or to create a new album.

  • Delete Photo: If a picture has outlived its usefulness, click the Delete button. You’re prompted to confirm your decision.

  • Tag Photo: This button (or the link above the photo) allows you to tag the photo with a note or the name of one of your friends. You can also e-mail this photo to someone you know.

  • Edit Caption: Click the Edit link below the photo to add or change a caption for the photo.

You can do some other things with your MySpace photos, as well, such as viewing and editing comments from other MySpacers or creating a slide show:

  • Comments: People can leave comments on your photos if you’ve made those photos public. You can view these comments by clicking the View My Pics link in the top-left corner of your profile page and then clicking a photo. A full-size version of your photo and any comments that have been left appear. If you like the comment, do nothing. If you don’t like it, click the small Delete link next to the comment, and then confirm you want to delete.


  • Slide show!: This slide show puts together a constantly moving presentation of all your uploaded photos. Why have just one static photo when you can exhibit all your work in full color and motion? Click the Create Slideshow link on the My Albums page to open the Slideshow Creator page, where you can choose your slide show settings.