How to Make a MySpace Music Profile - dummies

How to Make a MySpace Music Profile

So, you think that it’s time to give MySpace a taste of your musical talents, eh? Fortunately, getting your MySpace music profile up and running isn’t too tough. The first thing that you need to do is register a music profile on MySpace. This process is very similar to creating a personal MySpace page, but with a few small differences:

  1. Go to the MySpace home page and click the Sign Up link.

    This link takes you to the main Sign Up for MySpace page.

  2. Click the Musician, Sign Up Here link below Profile Types.

    The MySpace Music Sign Up page opens.

  3. Fill out all required information and click the Sign Up button.


    Make sure to select the check box that lets MySpace know that you agree with their Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

    The Registration Completion window opens.

  4. In this window, specify your band’s MySpace URL, genre(s), Web site, current record label, and label type.

    You can also add a profile picture, invite friends, and upload songs.

  5. Click the Sign Up button.

    Your MySpace music profile is now created.