How to Create Visual Social Marketing Images with a Smartphone or Tablet - dummies

How to Create Visual Social Marketing Images with a Smartphone or Tablet

By Krista Neher

A number of mobile phone and tablet applications allow you to quickly and easily create visual marketing assets that you can use on your social media. The advantage of using these apps is that they’re easy to use, they’re inexpensive (or even free), and they can be uploaded to social media sites directly from your mobile device.

Two mobile applications for photo and visual creation are worth noting. These applications can help you create interesting visual assets with text and photos.


A favorite application for image creation is Phonto, which can be downloaded from the application store on your mobile device. (It may not be available for all devices.)

You can use Phonto to take a picture from your device and superimpose text over the image. Phonto has some interesting and unique fonts that can help make your images “pop.”

Using Phonto, you can add text to any picture on your mobile device to create an attractive image. If you want to share only text, you can also start with a plain or textured background versus an image. Phonto is free, or you can upgrade to a paid version to unlock more functionality.


In Phonto, you can easily create images; plus, Phonto is integrated with social networks so that you can share your images on social networks in a single click.

New mobile applications

If you’re feeling creative, many other fun applications can help you create beautiful and interesting images. The Comic Book! application transforms a photo into a “comic” and adds callout boxes. In only a few minutes, you can create custom comic images from your photos.

The HaikuDeck application lets you create beautiful presentations with images and text from your tablet. HaikuDeck pulls in images from your phone, an image library, or your Google Drive to add to a presentation. Then you can add interesting text to the image to create an image-focused presentation.

If you want to take your visual assets to the next level, experiment with different image creation and editing applications to create visual assets that truly stand out.