How to Create Videos for Visual Social Marketing - dummies

How to Create Videos for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

These days, videos are easier than ever to create, and they can be a great asset in your visual social marketing efforts. You can create videos from your smartphone, a webcam, or a point-and-shoot camera. If video is an important part of your strategy, you may also choose to hire a professional camera crew.

If you choose to create your own videos, you can use a number of video editing applications to improve them. Alternatively, if you’re planning to create your video primarily to upload it to YouTube, you may want to explore the video editing features that YouTube offers for free. The benefit of editing videos in YouTube is that you don’t have to download additional software.

Free video editing tools

Many free video editing tools are available for basic editing chores. Though most of these tools are relatively easy to use, you may still need to follow a tutorial to be able to make the most of their functionality.

Most computers come supplied with basic video editing software that meets the simple editing needs of most users for free.

Mac computers come packaged with iMovie, which is Apple’s video editing software. Using iMovie, you can upload multiple videos, combine them, add text and music, and apply basic editing techniques to the footage. iMovie is a helpful tool to fill the most basic editing needs.

PC computers usually come packaged with Microsoft Movie Maker. Similar to iMovie, Movie Maker allows you to import multiple video clips to combine them. In addition, you can add text and music and edit footage. Though the functionality is basic, it should meet the needs of most amateur video editors.

If these tools don’t meet your needs, you can download one of these free editing tools:

  • Avidemux: This program has been described as “the Instagram of video editing software” — it’s quick, simple, and easy to use while having powerful capabilities. Using Avidemux, you can trim, edit, filter, encode, and add a variety of effects to your video.

  • Lightworks: This powerful and complex video-editing tool, which offers both free and professional versions, may take some time to learn. Extremely robust, it can do many things that other free tools cannot. This software has also been used to make possible such Hollywood movies as Pulp Fiction and Mission Impossible. Using Lightworks, you can access professional-quality editing for free.

  • VSDC Free Video Editor: This editor isn’t as complex as Lightworks, but it has most of the basic functions you’ll need without the challenges of learning to use a complicated editing tool. Common tasks such as changing lighting, applying filters, and cutting video are relatively easy to complete with little to no experience.

Paid video editing applications

Professional, paid video editing applications have a lot of power and functionality, but be prepared to invest time and money to fully learn how to use them. All these applications include lots of editing options and complete flexibility.

The most popular paid video-editing applications include the ones described in this list:

  • Adobe Premier Pro (about $20 a month): This Adobe product connects with Photoshop and Illustrator, making it easy to use with other Adobe products.

  • Final Cut Pro (about $300): This professional video-editing software has everything you need to create professional-quality videos, however it is only available for Mac computers.

  • Avid Pinnacle Studio (about $60 to $100): This software has all the tools that most editors, from beginner to advanced, want. Though it doesn’t have the same capabilities as many other professional programs, it’s a step above most free editors.