Using Huddles on the Google+ App to Chat with Groups

By Jesse Stay

Huddles are a unique chat feature on the Google+ mobile apps for iOS and Android devices (they aren’t available on the mobile web). They allow you to chat with groups of people you specify, or with groups you are invited to.

To use huddles, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google+ app and tap the Huddle icon on the splash page that appears.

    The list of huddles you’ve been invited to appears, if there are any as yet (see the following figure).

    Your list of huddles in Google+.

    Your list of huddles in Google+.
  2. To join a huddle, just tap one and then tap Let’s Huddle; to opt out instead, just tap No Thanks.

  3. To start your own huddle, tap the little Huddle icon in the upper right corner of the Huddles page.

  4. Type the names, e-mail addresses, or circles of other Google+ users.

  5. Add a message to start the huddle.

    You’ve started your first huddle!