Using Google+ with Your Website - dummies

Using Google+ with Your Website

By Jesse Stay

Part of Google+ Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

One of the greatest ways to get content on your website ranking well in Google search results is to integrate Google+ into your website. At, Google provides numerous tools and widgets you can integrate into your website to do this bit of magic. Here are some of the most useful:

  • The Google+ Page Badge. The Badge connects your website to your Google+ Page. Having it in place will help your Google+ Page show up in search results, and will make your website content more prominent. It also encourages your existing visitors to circle you on Google+.

  • The +1 Button. The +1 button should be on each individual content or product page of your website. Its consistent presence allows people to “endorse” the content or products on your website, and improves your ranking in, especially in personal results. It also allows people to share what they find to Google+.

  • The Share Button. This button is what people can use to share content on your website if you don’t want them worrying about the +1 button.

  • Author “rel” tags. Adding a simple rel=”author” to an href tag around your author’s name creates a link to the author’s Google+ profile; then Google starts showing the author’s picture and Google+ profile information alongside your content in search results. Result: Your content stands out more, and also gets it a little better rank for being more authentic. You’ll also want to list your website in the author’s profile under the Contributor section.