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The Basics of Setting Up Your Google+ Profile

By Jesse Stay

When you create an account on Google+ (Google’s social networking site), you’ll probably want to configure your profile by adding more information about yourself. After initially setting up your profile, Google+ immediately takes you to a page where you can fill out more profile information.

If you’re in a rush, just click Continue to My Profile and you can get started, but it might be to your benefit to enter at least a little bit about yourself to ensure that you get the best recommendations about people to follow — and perhaps more importantly because people with blank profiles generally are ignored by people trying to find great people to circle (the follow feature of Google+).

Enter even more information about yourself.
Enter even more information about yourself.

Here are the basic pieces of information that appear:

  • Tagline: This is a simple tagline that appears below your name, telling people in a sentence or two who you are (as shown in the following figure — this screen appears after you click Continue to My Profile).

    The tagline appears below your name in your profile.
    The tagline appears below your name in your profile.
  • Employment: The more you enter here, the more likely Google+ will suggest interesting people to circle. Use this field as a way to present your resume to others. Think, “If my ideal employer were to visit my profile, which jobs would I want to show here?” You never know — maybe someone hiring might just stumble upon your profile some day and offer you a job!

  • Education: This is another item that seems to get fed into the Google+ recommendation engine. If you fill out your educational background, others who attended the schools you did will show up in the recommendations that Google+ provides.

  • Scrapbook: Add as many images as you like here. This is a great place to show what you look like and even reveal your personality. Feel free to be creative here. These images appear at the top of your profile below your name. These images can decorate your profile and show off your creativity!

For each option you fill out, be sure to choose the circles (friends or contacts) you want to see that information. If you don’t want everyone seeing the schools you attended or have some embarrassing pictures (probably best to just leave those out!), you can adjust which circles and people will see each section you fill out in your profile.