Posting to Google+ from a Mobile Device - dummies

Posting to Google+ from a Mobile Device

By Jesse Stay

More and more people are accessing the Internet from smartphones and tablets. Google knows this and has built Google+ apps to give you access to everything in Google+. To download the Google+ mobile app, visit

After you download and install the app, here are some basic steps to begin posting from your mobile device:

1Open the Google+ app in the list of apps on your phone or surf with your phone's browser to

If you have the Android or iOS version of the app, you’ll be greeted with a splash screen, where you can choose what to do.

2On the splash screen, tap the Stream icon to begin viewing your stream and posting.

The “All circles” screen appears.

3To begin posting to your stream, tap the pencil icon on your device.

A text entry screen appears, letting you “share your thoughts.”

4Type your status update and add your location if you want to.

Tap in the text box and type out your message.

5Choose the circles you want to post to (it defaults to Public).

Tap the right-pointing arrow above the text box to see your list of circles and select who should be allowed to see your update.

6(Optional) Add a photo.

You can either upload a photo you’ve already taken (tap the icon with the photo in it) or take a new one that goes straight to Google+ (tap the camera icon). At the time of writing, you can upload photos from the Android and iOS apps but not from the mobile web experience.

7Tap Post.

Your post goes live immediately.