How to Read the Games Stream on Google+ - dummies

How to Read the Games Stream on Google+

By Jesse Stay

Google+ includes a section called Google+ Games that allows you to find, play, and challenge your friends to games that have been built for Google+. Click the Games icon at the top of your main Google+ page to get to this section.

The main page of Google+ Games includes a stream of updates from the games your friends are playing on Google+. These updates are generated automatically by each game as a way to tell your friends your progress in the game and cannot be controlled by the user. They only appear in the games stream and not your main Google+ stream, however.

Browse the games stream and notice that you can share and comment on each post. Use the following tips as you try to interact with those playing each game:

  • Use a games post as a conversation starter. Google+ Games are a great way to build relationships with people you otherwise might not know. Comment on the games shared from the games your friends play and give them tips (or a +1) if you can. Also, give them encouragement, or maybe challenge them a little to create a competitive spirit!

  • Be careful with whom and when you share a Games post. From each Google+ Games post you can click the share link to share that post with your friends. This always goes to your main stream on Google+. Sharing games posts is a great way to share your friends’ accomplishments with others, or share your own accomplishments with your friends, and encourage others to do better.

    Google+ Games are a sore spot for some on Google+. Some people either may not like or may not have time to play games. When you share a game to people on Google+, just try to be sure you’re not polluting their stream with stuff they’re not interested in.

    There are currently no filters on Google+, which makes it even more difficult to hide such posts from individuals’ streams. Just keep a considerate eye out for people who may not want to see your game shares in their streams or notifications.

  • A +1 is like a “high five!” Believe it or not, people actually do check to see who has +1d their posts on Google+. Games are no exception. Therefore, if you want to give people a “way to go!” or “keep up the good work!” just +1 their post. Many will notice and that builds relationships even further.