How to Adjust Privacy Settings for Your Google+ Profile - dummies

How to Adjust Privacy Settings for Your Google+ Profile

By Jesse Stay

Google+ lets you customize, using your circles, who can see what elements of your profile. You can customize the security settings for each section of you Google+ profile. As an example, here’s how you would customize who can see your phone number:

  1. Click the profile button at the top of Google+. You can also just click your name on your stream view.

    This takes you to your profile page.


  2. Click the Edit profile button in the upper-right corner of your profile.

    You are taken to the Edit mode of your About tab, where you can edit any piece of the page.

  3. Go down to Home and click it.

    A new pop-up box appears, allowing you to add or edit a home phone number and other information.


  4. Add your phone number.

    Make sure Phone is selected in the drop-down box, and enter your phone number in the text box provided.

  5. Set the circles you want to see that number.

    By default, this is set to Anyone on the Web. You’ll want to do the following:

    1. Click the drop-down box and select Custom.

      A new dialog box appears that looks a lot like the circles dialog box you encountered when you were creating and adding people to circles earlier.

    2. Click the “x” next to Public.

    3. Click the Add More People link and check the box next to your Family circle.

    4. Click the “Save” button in the dialog box and you’re done!

  6. Click “Done editing.”

    Once you do so, no one but your family will be able to see your home phone number now. Try this out now with other elements of your profile!

Be careful what you share! Even though you are limiting your content to a specific circle or group of people, there is nothing stopping those individuals from sharing your posts with their circles and extended circles, or even just taking a screen shot. Just as in real life, make sure you always trust the friends you share with, and even if you do, consider simply not posting anything embarrassing! Social networks are a lot like high school — after a rumor gets going, they’re pretty hard to stop! Better to not give any fodder that could cause such rumors to spread.