Gaining Google+ Followers for Your Brand - dummies

Gaining Google+ Followers for Your Brand

By Jesse Stay

Part of Google+ Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

One of the most-often-asked questions about Google+ is how to get more followers on a Google+ Brand Page or profile. Everyone should take these specific steps to definite results:

  • Search for like interests. The first step you should take is to search on Google+ for people who have interests similar to those of the people you think would be interested in your brand. Enter sports in the Google+ search box if your brand is a favorite of sports enthusiasts — or photography if your brand targets photographers. A list of people and brands related to the terms you search for will appear.

  • Follow (add to your circles), +1, and interact with people of similar interest. When you’ve found people to follow, follow them! Then make sure you interact with their posts — comment, +1, and participate in their conversations. Build relationships and the people you interact with will naturally want to follow you. Then you can use the audience you build on your personal profile to promote your brand profile.

  • Integrate a Google+ Badge on your website. This relates to utilizing your existing channels to promote your Google+ Brand Page. Make sure you integrate a Google+ Badge (found at so people visiting your website can find your Google+ Page. This will also help your search engine rankings on and bring more people to your brand Page through itself.

  • Post regularly to generate Google search ranking. Content is king, so they say. The more you post on, the more your content will show up in Google search results when people are searching for things related to your brand. They’ll naturally find your Google+ Page through Google search results! As always, measure those results — using Webmaster Tools — to determine the correct frequency for posting on Google+.