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Four Chrome Extensions for Google+

By Jesse Stay

Google+ doesn’t yet have a formal developer Application Programming Interface (API) for building apps. Although Google+ has allowed a few select gaming developers to build games for its platform, as of this writing, Google has not allowed the world to build apps for Google+.

However, that situation hasn’t stopped developers from building apps for the platform. Currently, developers are working around the lack of an application platform by building browser extensions that you can install in the Chrome web browser (and in some cases other browsers).

Because Google+ has not yet released a programming interface for applications to be created, developers are doing what is called scraping, which means they’re reading the HTML of the site and modifying the site based on what Google+ provides. So, if Google+ ever changes its interface (which it will), these apps will break.

Reader to Plus

If you use Google Reader to keep up on your favorite blogs, you may want a simple way of sharing to Google+ from Google Reader. At this writing, there is no native way to share from Google Reader to Google+. This extension makes that possible by adding a little Share to Google+ link at the bottom of each post in Google Reader.

Click here to download Reader to Plus for Google Chrome.

Press Shift+G in Google Reader to share to Google+ with this extension installed.

Extended Share for Google+

If you want to share your posts on Google+ to Facebook or Twitter or another social network, this is a great extension to install. It adds a Share On link at the bottom of each Google+ post (next to the Share link), allowing users to share to their favorite social networks.

Click here to download Extended Share for Google+.

Plus Minus

If your main stream is getting too noisy or is filled with users who post a lot, you can use this extension to clean up your stream a little. This extension allows you to collapse all posts, with a little comment notification icon specifying the number of new comments on the post. You can also specify which circles you want to appear in your stream.

Click here to download Plus Minus.

G+ Stream Pause

Is your Google+ stream moving too fast for you? The Google+ Stream Pause Chrome extension allows you to pause your stream. Any new updates that occur while it is paused will appear in a counter at the top of your stream and will not update until you un-pause the stream.

Click here to download Google+ Stream Pause.