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Facebook and Twitter For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Hanging around on Facebook and Twitter is more than talking to friends and posting pictures. Facebook has great games and applications to pass the time, promote your business, and just have fun. In this Cheat Sheet, find some recommended Facebook games and emoticons to add drama to your postings. Also, make the most of your Twitter time by searching Twitter user directories for folks with similar interests and using Twitter shorthand to deliver a succinct message in your tweets.

FarmVille and Other Facebook Games

Perhaps you’re the sort who enjoys playing games? Whether you like action, making your own creation, or trying your hand at games of chance, you can find a place to play on Facebook. Follow the quick links in this table to popular interactive Facebook games.

Fun Facebook Applications
Application URL What It Does
Farmville www.facebook.com/FarmVille Build your own virtual farm and share with other online
Frontierville www.facebook.com/frontierville Indulge your inner cowboy in this Wild West social adventure
Texas HoldEm
www.facebook.com/TexasHoldEmPoker If you fancy yourself to be the next Amarillo Slim,
here’s where you get your chops.
www.facebook.com/petsociety Create and raise a virtual pet. Win coins, shop, and more.
Mafia Wars www.facebook.com/MafiaWars Build your own organization and wreck virtual
www.facebook.com/makequizzes Make fun quizzes to engage your friends.

Add Emoticons to Facebook Status Updates

Emoticons (or Smileys) have been used since the 19th century to punctuate the written word with graphics simulated by characters. On Facebook, users who put emoticons in their status updates add a little sparkle to the News Feed. Print out this table and keep it close at hand.

Facebook Emoticons
Type This What It Means
<3 Heart
πŸ™‚ Smile
πŸ™ Frown
:/ Skeptical
>:( Angry, mad
:'( Crying
:-* Kiss
πŸ˜‰ Wink
πŸ˜€ Grin
πŸ˜› Sticking tongue out at you
:O Gasp!
@~)~~~~ Give someone a rose
:X Lips are sealed

Use Tools with Twitter

You can use tools to expand your Twitter prowess and deliver more than pithy phrases in your tweets. As you become engrossed in the Twitterverse, you’ll no doubt need some tools to help you navigate, organize, and direct your communications. Try out the recommended tools in this table.

Twitter Companion Tools
Tool URL What It Does
Bit.ly www.bit.ly Shortens URLs to fit within 140-character tweets and provides
statistics on how many people visit the link
Blip.fm www.blip.fm Helps you discover music and share it using short URLs on
OneForty www.oneforty.com Supplies a directory of all Twitter applications with
Posterous www.posterous.com Offers a free blogging platform that will autopost to Twitter
and Facebook
Seesmic www.seesmic.com Has a desktop or browser client to organize your Twitter and
Facebook friends and posts
TweetDeck www.tweetdeck.com Helps you organize and track your posts in Twitter and
Facebook, and manage your Twitter friends

Use Twitter Shorthand

Because of the 140-character limit for tweets, people often abbreviate common words and phrases on Twitter. The following table has abbreviations, or Twitter shorthand, that you see often. You will most likely want to use the shorthand, so the table illustrates its use in Twitter messaging.

Twitter Shorthand
Abbreviation What It Means Usage
4 For What do you want it 4?
4U For you I have something 4U.
BFN Bye for now Off to work, BFN.
BTW By the way BTW, I stopped by your office.
DM Direct Message Sent you a DM.
FYI For your information FYI I’ll be there.
IC I see IC you’ve changed your avatar.
IMHO In my humble opinion I think that’s bad IMHO.
IRL In real life Can’t wait to meet you IRL.
LMAO Laughing my *** off That’s so funny! LMAO!
LOL Laughing out loud OK, I’m LOL!
OH Overheard OH (at the beauty salon): Love your haircut.
OMG Oh my gosh OMG I can’t believe I watched that video.
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing And now I’m ROFL.
RT Retweet RT is what you see when someone repeats one of your tweets to
their followers.
RU Are you RU going to the tweetup?
Tweet Post a comment on Twitter Have you posted a tweet today?
Tweeps Twitter members I got RTs from 6 tweeps today.
Tweetup A real life meet up of Twitter members Where’s the tweetup?
Twitterverse The world of Twitter Welcome to the Twitterverse!
TY Thank You TY for all the RTs.
W00t! Yay! W00t! I got a deal at the store today.

Search Twitter User Directories

Sometimes Twitter search isn’t enough. Visit the Twitter user directories in this table and search there to find and follow Tweeps — that’s people on Twitter — who have hobbies and activities similar to yours.

Twitter Directories
Site Name URL What You Find There
Listorious www.listorious.com Lists and user directory
Mr. Tweet www.mrtweet.com Recommendations of users by users
Twellow www.twellow.com Twitter Yellow Pages
WeFollow www.wefollow.com Twitter users by category