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Write a Mom Blogger Biography to Impress

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

You want a biography to simply highlight your achievements and allow people to get to know you — in a paragraph. Yes, it’s a lot to ask of five to eight sentences. Biographies are not the easiest thing to write, even when you’ve been writing them for your entire career.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing your bio:

  • Write for the right audience: Your bio as it exists on your blog’s regular About page might not be the same one you submit with a speaker proposal, and you might need still another bio for your advertising page. Highlight the most relevant information for the people you are writing for.

  • Know when to use first or third person pronouns: Use first person when writing about yourself on your About page, because that’s where you really want to connect with your readers. But almost everywhere else, write bios in third person to keep things professional. This is especially true when submitting your bio for publication on any other site than your own, where a first person bio would not make sense.

  • Let you shine through: You are a blogger, not a government official. Bloggers have personality — usually lots of it. Your bio should have personality, too. That means if you want to add quirky facts about yourself, or talk a little bit about your unconventional background, go for it!

    Just remember that the purpose of a bio is to convey your strengths in very few words. So keep the tangential information minimal and relevant.

  • Highlight achievements: Even if you’re a modest person, a bio is a place to showcase your strengths. If you must, you can talk about what you have done in a modest way, but this is usually your only chance to showcase your strengths.

    Don’t blow that chance by playing down your accomplishments. A bio is your chance to present (matter-of-factly) your awards, experience, influence, ideas, and everything else that makes you the most awesome you.

When you actually sit down to write a bio, here are two tips that will help if you get stuck:

  • Find someone else’s bio that you like and swap out their information for your own. There’s no way you can actually plagiarize someone else’s bio unless you’re saying you’ve done something you haven’t, so just use it to springboard your ideas.

  • Forget everything and write. When you get too hung up on format or specifics, you just have to write whatever comes to mind and then go back and edit the heck out of it. It’s easy to get hung up on writing bios.