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When an Ad Network Is Right for Your Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Only a few blogging business models conflict running ads with your best interests. This is when you’re blogging to sell your own products or to promote your professional services. Even then, running ads on these blogs can still work, especially if the ads are promoting complementary and not competing products and services.

But if you’re really focused on getting a sale or client, ads can definitely distract your readers from that goal. Or (worse) your readers can click an ad and buy from a competitor rather than from you.

If you choose to run ads in these circumstances, be sure to keep the ads off the pages from which you want your visitors to make an actual purchase — in particular, keep your product-description pages and your shopping cart clear of ads.

Making money with an ad network is a pure numbers game. More traffic means more money. If you have a blog with a good amount of traffic, or even the potential for a good amount of traffic, then working with an ad network is a very effective way to monetize your blog.

Two of your biggest concerns about working with an ad network should be

  • What happens if you don’t like a displayed ad?

  • Can you work with other ad networks or sell your own ads?

These two questions have the biggest influence on your overall success and bottom line. If your ad network suddenly starts displaying flashing green banners that audibly say “You have WON!!”, you’ll most likely lose a chunk of your blog readers’ respect and trust. And if you’re locked into using only one ad network that suddenly has inventory issues, well, your paycheck can be cut in half or more.

Most ad networks that are used frequently by mom bloggers have addressed both of these concerns well. They care very deeply about making sure only quality advertisements are displayed and will let you work with other advertisers in certain circumstances — usually it’s just a matter of ensuring you comply with your ad network’s reasonable guidelines.