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What Fonts Say About Your Blog

By Melissa Culbertson

Just like people, every font has its own personality. Some fonts are serious, some are whimsical, and some just scream boldness. The ones you choose for your blog design should mirror your blog’s own voice and personality. Allow your font to help set the mood for your blog’s content. You have so many fonts to choose from that deciding which ones fit your blog design is no easy feat.

Just because you like a font doesn’t mean it’s the right font for your blog design. Text on your blog — say, your blog name or a sidebar heading — makes different impressions on your reader, depending on the font you use. For example, a travel blog that uses a more conservative font may appear to focus on upscale vacations — or, conversely, could use a casual, handwritten font to appear to be more about family-friendly travels.

When selecting a font, consider the topics you write about and the voice and tone in your writing. Say you blog about social media. Well, that alone doesn’t help you when selecting a font. What voice do you write in? What angle do you take? Nuances like these can help you better choose a complementary font.

Or, say you blog about a serious topic with a serious tone. In that case, you don’t want to choose a whimsical, swirly font. However, if your topic is a serious one but you take a different approach — such as an inspirational journey through a battle with illness — then perhaps a swirly font fits.

Check out the font choices of The Art of Manliness blog. The font choices have an old-timey, vintage feel that harkens back to a time long before computers. A modern font wouldn’t have fit with the tagline (Reviving the lost art of manliness) or tone of this blog.

[Credit: © artofmanliness.com]
Credit: © artofmanliness.com

Look at all the characters and letters of a potential font. For example, if your blog name has an ampersand character (&), make sure you like that font’s ampersand before you choose it.