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Viewing Your Blog Post on Blogger

By Amy Lupold Bair

After you hit publish in Blogger, you can see how your post looks on the blog. You may find this step rewarding — and you definitely don’t want to skip it. Even if you preview your post before publishing, you haven’t seen your post in the way that your readers see it. You can do that only by actually going to your blog as it appears to everyone on the web and taking a look.

Computers can still make errors or fail between the moment you click Publish and when the entry shows up on the blog. You should look at your blog every time you post a new entry to make sure that it actually looks right on the page and that the blog software successfully processed it.

When you click Blogger’s Publish button, the system provides you with a handy link to view your blog. Click View Blog to head over to your blog and see your handiwork.

Of course, if you prefer taking the long way, you can always type the web address (the one that you chose when you set up your blog) into the web browser to see your blog without going through the Blogger Dashboard.

While you look at your blog, make sure that the formatting, images, and text look the way that you want them to, and click any links that you created. If anything doesn’t work quite properly, go back into Blogger and make changes to your entry.