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Use the OpenX OnRamp Ad Server for Your Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

An ad server is software that will allow you to manage all your ads from one place, even if you have more than one blog. It displays the ads, rotates them, targets them, and provides performance reports for your advertising clients as well. OpenX has a free product called OpenX OnRamp when you get to the point that manually managing your advertising doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you’re selling ads to advertising agencies or larger companies that do a lot of online advertising, typically they need special information from you to help them determine whether their ads are working. Most of all, they need to know exactly how many ad impressions you deliver and how many clicks each ad receives.

Sometimes they may also require more sophisticated targeting (called geotargeting) that you can’t do on your own. For example, the advertiser might only want its ad shown to visitors in the United States and Canada, but nowhere else. An ad server can do this for you.

Here’s when an ad server will be a benefit to you:

  • When you have multiple blogs with many ad placements, and it becomes difficult to update all of them manually.

  • When you need to track advertising revenue in specific ad placements.

  • When you have an advertising client that requires performance reports, geotargeting, or frequency capping.

  • When your advertiser wants to be able to change out the ads that appear on your site on its own. Ad servers can give you the ability to provide your clients with their own logins and upload new ads on their own schedules.

  • If you happen to have one advertiser who pays per impression and another that pays per click, an ad server will help you to track both, even if you rotate them in the same position.

OpenX is an extremely powerful and sophisticated tool — it probably has more features than you will ever need. Another important benefit of using OpenX is that it has an option called the OpenX Market. The OpenX Market is similar to an ad network.

You can use this service as a way to find lower paying ads as backfill when you don’t have higher paying ads to display. (Backfill ads are ads to run so that you can at least make some money off of your ad inventory when you can’t find a premium advertiser.)

Get more information on how to use and sign up for the OpenX OnRamp Ad Server.

Get more information on how to use and sign up for the OpenX Market.