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Use Statistics to Improve Your Mom Blog

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Understanding the statistics behind your blog can make a huge impact on how much you can earn from the blogging work that you do. Your statistics will let you know where your readers find you, the content they like the most, how much they engage with your content, and what kind of people are reading your blog.

You’ve probably been relying on your readers’ comments for feedback on your writing. But your blog analytics will give you feedback from all your readers — and you may be surprised as to what people really think.

Sometimes you’ll find that posts can be very popular and viewed frequently, but have the fewest comments of all. Other times you can spend all day writing a post that you think is good enough to land you a book deal — and it becomes your least-viewed post of all time. Turn to your analytics to help you decide what content has the best possible chance of success.

Your blog analytics are a treasure trove of insights into what your readers are looking for when they visit your blog. The keywords people use to find your site via search engines are particularly helpful. These words and phrases are the questions they’re seeking answers to. When certain keywords start showing up more frequently, they are content suggestions handed to you on a silver platter that are sure to be a hit and increase your traffic.