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Use Repetition in Your Blog Design

By Melissa Culbertson

In design, repetition means using the same or similar elements throughout your design. If you were to spread out all the elements of your blog design onto a (virtual) table, you want all those pieces to look like they’re parts of a greater whole.

Repetition enhances flow of your blog design by connecting different design elements to one another. You can see how the blog Running with Penguins uses repetition. The penguins and clouds are repeated within the header. Also using the penguin in the sidebar keeps the reader moving through the blog design.

[Credit: © Dean Schuster]
Credit: © Dean Schuster

These are elements of your blog design where you can apply repetition:

  • Fonts

  • Color schemes

  • Images or icons

  • Font size, colors, or images

  • Blog post and sidebar headings

  • Blog page layout structure

Creating consistency

Just like consistency is important in branding, consistency also plays an important role in blog design. Could you imagine if every single blog post looked like they were from different blogs? Or if your blog sidebar looked like it came from a completely different site than your header?

Repeating some of your design elements consistently through your blog not only eliminates confusion, but the repetition also creates continuity and rhythm in your blog design.

Money Saving Mom illustrates consistency by repeating the script font from the header throughout the graphical elements in the sidebar on the right.

[Credit: © Money Saving Mom, LLC]
Credit: © Money Saving Mom, LLC

Using repetition without being boring

Although repetition contributes to a strong blog design, using too much repetition can lead to a boring and stale look. Thinking back to a giraffe’s spots, each spot on a giraffe isn’t exactly the same. They vary in size and shape, making the animal even more beautiful.

You can see three distinct parts of Simply Vintagegirl’s overall design unified by repetition. Emily Rose uses the bird image from her blog header in the sidebar and to the left of each blog post title. However, she varies the bird in each instance by applying color, changing the size and adjusting the orientation.

[Credit: © Emily Rose Brookshire,]
Credit: © Emily Rose Brookshire,

Repetition can also suggest that items are related to one another.

When you vary repeated elements in your blog design, make the variation subtle. That way, your design still looks unified. The birds from Simply Vintagegirl’s blog wouldn’t connect her blog together the same way if all the birds were completely different.