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Use Google Analytics to Highlight Blog Content

By Melissa Culbertson

You want visitors to notice your best content. Looking at your most viewed content in Google Analytics can help you undercover ways to bring that content to a new audience. To see the most viewed content on your blog, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit your Google Analytics dashboard and log in.

    If you have more than one blog, select the blog you want to look at.

  2. From the left-side menu, choose Content→Overview.

    This brings up data on all individual blog posts and pages, sorted by highest number of page views.

  3. On the bottom right of the screen, select View Full Report.

    You see your top ten pages and each page’s page views, average time on page, bounce rate, new visitors, and more.


After you’re able to dig in and see what content is the most and least popular, you might find that you can do the following in your blog design:

  • Highlight new visitor opportunities. If certain pages get a high percentage of new visitors, make sure those visitors come back. You could create a custom welcome message on these pages that directs them to a Start Here page, to a newsletter subscription page, or to follow you on Twitter.

  • Showcase great but overlooked content. As you look through this report, you may start to see that some of your great content isn’t getting as many page views as you’d like. If this content really shouldn’t be missed, you may decide to highlight it on your sidebar. You might also want to check that you properly categorized the post so readers can navigate to it more easily.

  • Build new targeted pages. As you look through your top content, you may consider designing a new blog page that not only highlights a top post but also gives you an opportunity to showcase other similar posts. Perhaps you ran a blog post series around a certain topic. You could create a page that highlights the entire series.

    Or perhaps one of your top posts is part of a category that you want to highlight on your blog. You can create a page highlighting some posts from that category and add a link to see the rest of the posts in that category. You could even create a blog page like Reader Favorites or Best of the Year that highlight unrelated, yet popular, posts.

    After you create a targeted page like one of these, you can build that page into your navigation menu design or add a graphic in your sidebar that directs people to the page.