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Use Comments to Interact with Blog Readers

Sometimes, visitors comment in response to what they read; sometimes, the message is a suggestion or question. Because any reader can leave a comment, comments are even left about other comments.

Blog posts often include a link directly underneath each post indicating how many comments have been left. Clicking this link takes you to a page that displays the post, any comments that have been added, and a form you can use to leave your own comment.

After a comment has been made, it appears in the comments area, usually labeled with the comment writer’s name, along with the date and time the message was left. Not every blog allows comments. Many popular bloggers find that they’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of responses they get and must turn off comments because they can’t keep up with them. All bloggers should be so lucky to have that problem. For most bloggers, comments are an important way of developing a dialogue with readers.

Keep comments turned on in your blog. They’re an easy way to involve your audience in your topic and to get valuable feedback about what you’re doing with your blog.

Unfortunately, spammers are able to take advantage of comments as easily as they are of sending you unwanted e-mail. If you keep comments turned on, you’ll get unwanted comments with commercial messages. Some comments may even be offensive, just as spam e-mail sometimes is. If you decide to allow comments on your blog, be sure to read them and delete inappropriate messages.