TypePad Blogs: How to Insert a Sidebar Image - dummies

TypePad Blogs: How to Insert a Sidebar Image

By Melanie Nelson, Shannon Lowe

Part of TypePad For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Including a sidebar image in your TypePad blog is an excellent way to promote another Web site, blog, or product. Sidebar images are usually fairly small (often 125 pixels by 125 pixels), but the size ultimately depends on your own blog’s theme and design. In addition, you can set up the image to link to another Web site or blog.

The following instructions explain how to put an image in your TypePad blog’s sidebar using a Notes TypeList:

  1. Upload your graphic or image to File Manager.

  2. Click the image filename.

    A new browser tab opens and displays the image.

  3. Copy the URL in the address bar.

    This is the URL where your image resides on the TypePad server. You’ll need it for your HTML code in a minute.

  4. Go to your TypeLists Library and add a new Notes TypeList.

  5. Add the following HTML in the Notes field:

    <a href=”http://www.blogname.com”><img src=”http:// URL_you_copied_in_step_3.jpg”></a>

    Referring to the sample code in this step, change the first URL (http://www.blogname.com) to the address of the site you want the image to link to; change the second URL (in the <img src> code) to reflect the address you copied in Step 3.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Publish your new TypeList to your blog.