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Turn Your Mom Blog into a Job

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Getting a job isn’t truly an expansion of your blog, but think of it as more of an expansion of your career. Several bloggers, moms included, have built up so much trust and credibility in social media that companies have hired them to fill some great social media marketing and other management positions.

When you have a track record to prove results for yourself or for freelance clients, a company knows that hiring you is a low risk with high rewards.

When your children are older, it can be extremely challenging to re-enter the workforce if your skills have become out of date. In a poor economy, it can be next to impossible to prove you’re qualified for a position at the same level as the one you occupied when you left.

Usually, that means moms need to step down their job expectations and prove their qualifications all over again. This is a hard, intimidating task, and it can be downright demeaning.

Blogging is an ideal way to ramp up your professional experience and networking efforts to prepare yourself to get hired again — for the following reasons:

  • Your blog will show off your talent and smarts.

  • Starting a blog and marketing it will add skills to your repertoire or refresh marketing skills you already had.

  • Blogging gets your name out there in front of potential employers.

  • Your blog posts on your areas of expertise will get found in search engines by companies and peers.

  • The networking that you do as a part of blogging will constantly put you in touch with people who may be hiring.

  • The longer you blog, the longer you have a new professional track record building up.

  • The successes and results you can achieve for your own blog can be turned into case studies that you can use to showcase your experience.

Even if you aren’t returning to the workforce after a break, a blog is still a powerful tool for getting hired. This is especially true as social media marketing becomes more widely used by both large and small companies.

Your experience with promoting a blog and using Facebook and Twitter as marketing tools gives you some highly sought-after skills that companies and ad agencies know they need. Companies that market to moms consider it a serious advantage to hire people with direct experience working with moms in the social media space.

Often small projects can lead to bigger opportunities. Use your blog to find short-term or freelance projects with the kinds of companies you hope to work for. If you can prove that you can deliver results and are easy and fun to work with, those companies will come back to you when it comes time to add a member to their teams.