Track Your Blog Ideas with Evernote - dummies

Track Your Blog Ideas with Evernote

By Melissa Culbertson

If a handmade mood board or one on Pinterest doesn’t seem appealing, try Evernote to collect items for a blog design mood board. Evernote is a program that makes it easy for you to store articles, images, and even your own audio recordings in one place. Evernote also has a robust app for smart phones and tablets that syncs with the desktop application.

You can use Evernote as a place to contain and organize anything related to your mood board. In Evernote, you organize Notes into Notebooks. Notes can be a saved article, a photo, an audio clip, or text that’s typed directly into Evernote.

You can jot down ideas in a physical notebook and then take a picture from your Evernote phone app so you don’t misplace them. Similar to a mood board done by hand, you could also doodle or sketch an idea and then photograph it for Evernote. The app even turns your handwriting and text from images into searchable content.


To save online inspiration — fonts, images, or even entire websites — install the Evernote Web Clipper, which allows you easily to clip articles from around the web.

When you’re ready to start compiling your inspiration into a mood board, take screenshots from your notes then lay them out in a collage using a program like PicMonkey or Photoshop. Or just keep your ideas in Evernote. Whatever works for you.