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Top Notch Online Community Managers Are Flexible and Driven

By Deborah Ng

Aspiring online community managers who see only the public side of the job are often surprised at all the different roles of a community manager. Make no mistake; this job requires skill in many different areas.

Flexibility for online community managers

The stubborn need not apply for a community manager gig. You can’t be set in your ways and manage an online community. Flexibility in this job requires the ability to

  • Try different things

  • Adjust to the needs of your community

  • Set up calls and meetings that fit someone else’s schedule

  • Change deadlines if necessary

  • Fill your time in case duties are delegated to someone else, or meetings or phone calls are canceled

  • Take on additional tasks if asked to do so

Make no mistake — being flexible doesn’t mean that you should let everyone walk all over you or show disrespect to your deadlines or time. It means that you can see to people’s needs and don’t mind switching an appointment time or changing a few words around to suit someone else. It also means that you can break your focus and multitask if you’re called on for another task.

Flexibility simply means that you’re willing to adapt to different situations and don’t mind changing times and dates if doing so makes things easier.

Drive for online community managers

Not everyone has the determination to land his dream job and be the best at that job that he can possibly be. You can’t just go through the motions with this job, especially because communities can be so competitive.

Your job is to grow your community, keep new members coming, and make sure that the existing members are appreciated as well. You have to keep people engaged so that they continue to see you and your brand in a positive light.

You can’t rest on your laurels or take days off from your community. If you stop engaging, your community will dry up. If you stop the outreach on the social networks, you won’t have new members coming in. If you don’t plan offline events, the people who don’t spent time online won’t know about your brand’s community efforts.

This isn’t a job for the lazy or unmotivated. You have to have the drive to bring in traffic and promote your community every single day.