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Tools to Measure Your Readers’ Demographics

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Quantcast is a free tool that measures your mom blog’s audience demographics automatically, using estimates based on sample users who share their surfing information with Quantcast via a toolbar.

Potential sponsors and advertisers need to work with mom bloggers who reach their target market. A target market is simply marketing jargon for a specific group of people whose characteristics fit them into a very general stereotype. It’s also known as a target audience.

By virtue of being a mom blogger, you probably are already attracting one broad target market to your blog: other moms. But you need to know more than that in order to attract potential sponsors and advertisers.

Does your blog attract new moms with infants? Empty-nest moms with kids in college? Working moms? Green moms? Crafty moms? Libertarian moms? Or maybe you’re a mom writing a blog for new dads? For teachers? For marketers who want to reach moms? The list is infinite.

There are two ways to measure the general makeup of your blog’s readership. The hard way is to ask them via a survey, which can be difficult to administer and a struggle to attract participation. The easy way is to use Quantcast.