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Three-Column with Split Sidebars Blog Design

By Melissa Culbertson

This blog layout uses two sidebars, but the sidebars appear on either side of your main content area. Symmetrical design can sometimes come off as too static, but it can also provide balance and order to your blog layout. The blog Olivine’s Charm School features a beautiful three-column layout with split sidebars.

[Credit: © Olivine, Design by Freckled Nest]
Credit: © Olivine, Design by Freckled Nest

With sidebar content separated by a main column, one of the best ways to decide what content goes in which sidebar is to place key sidebar content in the left column, where your readers will look first. Olivine’s Charm School uses the left sidebar for navigation, instead of displaying the navigation across the top — a great example of keeping a three-column layout looking clean and organized, with important content in the left sidebar.

When working with a layout that splits up your sidebars, avoid making your sidebars so large that your main content feels squeezed in the middle. A narrow column for your main blog content hinders readability.