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Three-Column Right Sidebars Blog Design

By Melissa Culbertson

A common blog design layout type features a main column on the left with two sidebars on the right side. The blog grain edit uses images to highlight featured posts and a gray box to draw attention to subscription options and social media links.

[Credit: © grain edit,]
Credit: © grain edit,

Many bloggers like having two right sidebars because more key sidebar content can appear toward the top of the page. However, with two sidebars, you can easily get carried away with heavy advertising, buttons, or widgets, making your design look junky and cluttered.

If you’d like the extra sidebar space that two sidebars offers, create a hierarchy to avoid a cluttered design. Some bloggers merge the two columns at the top of the blog layout and separate the columns further down the page.

In addition, group similar items within the same column. For example, don’t place some social media buttons in one column and a few more in the other. Place all the social media buttons together in the same column.

If you decide to go for a three-column layout with right sidebars, keep your sidebars a reasonable width so they don’t make your main column too narrow.