The BlogHer Publishing Network - dummies

The BlogHer Publishing Network

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

The BlogHer Publishing Network was one of the first ad networks to focus on moms, and the very first to focus on mom bloggers. BlogHer now works with a far larger audience of both moms and women, and is still a pioneer leading the efforts to help mom bloggers earn an income from their work.

The BlogHer ad network home page.
The BlogHer ad network home page.

The BlogHer ad network has the following requirements and benefits:

  • Minimum traffic requirement: None as long as your blog is at least 90 days old and updated weekly.

  • Target audience requirement: Blogs must be written by women or have a large percentage of female readers.

  • Revenue Split: 50 percent / 50 percent after an administration fee. The percentage improves for bloggers generating over a million ad impressions in a month.

  • Editorial requirements: You can’t display BlogHer ads on pages that contain editorial content that has been commissioned and paid for by a third party. This includes paid advertising links and reviews if the product was received for free and worth more than $40 U.S.

    If you’re using a self-hosted WordPress blog, The BlogHer Publishing Network technical team can help you set up your blog to easily comply with these guidelines automatically.

  • Other benefits: In addition to banner ad campaigns, BlogHer has other revenue-generating opportunities for bloggers in the ad network: review programs, sponsored conversation programs, Twitter posse programs, and brand ambassador programs. They’ve worked hard to create opportunities for bloggers whose traffic alone might not generate adequate advertising income.

  • Extra benefits for mom bloggers who don’t belong to their ad network: BlogHer is unique because of its size and influence in the blogging community. Even if you don’t belong to this ad network, you can still participate in its content-syndication program and earn revenue on your existing blog content.