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Successful Online Community Managers Stay Impartial

By Deborah Ng

As a community manager, you have to be fair. In fact, that should be the number one rule of online community management. Even if you don’t like a person or don’t agree with him, you have to be fair. Everyone in your community have to be treated with equal respect.

Being impartial goes far beyond moderating community comments, though that’s a big part of it. It’s also inviting a diverse group of people into your community. It’s making sure that you have a true community and not a clique.

Your community looks at you to be the voice of reason. Though they’re most likely adults and old enough to fight their own battles, you may have to step in and guide a heated argument back to a productive discussion without choosing sides or singling out one person.

Being impartial doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask abusive people to leave the community. Treating everyone with equal respect also means providing a safe haven where members can socialize without being bullied or putting up with profanity or vulgarity.

If one person is called out for a community violation, you can’t let others go for the same infraction, even if you like them better. Impartiality puts everyone on equal footing, allowing them to be themselves and communicate with ease.