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Successful Mom Blogger Renee Ross

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Renee started her Cutie Booty Cakes blog to market her business, which was creating cakes made out of diapers for baby showers or other events. She’s another one of those great examples that blogging success frequently doesn’t happen the way she thought it would. It wasn’t longer than a month before Renee stopped blogging about her diaper cakes and started building a platform for herself as a blogger.

She spent a significant amount of time networking with other bloggers, and within three months was invited to participate in a Disney World mom bloggers’ press junket. This was a significant turning point for her business, and she continued to build up her social media influence and brand experiences to find new spokesperson opportunities.


She also began using her blog as a way to share her personal weight-loss journey, eventually losing over 50 pounds. She ran her first half-marathon in October 2010, raising over $5,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Renee’s hard work has paid off in other ways as well. She has been hired by brands such as Walmart and Hanes and appeared in national television commercials for EA SPORTS Active in late 2010. She has also been featured prominently in Parents magazine and Southern Living magazine.

She continues to promote herself and her personal brand by speaking frequently at conferences and events and is in the process of finding several more spokesperson opportunities.

Renee’s three tips for blogging success are:

  • Write about the thing(s) that you are passionate about. Her passion has evolved over the years, but she remained true to her voice and has been very transparent.

  • Success does not happen overnight. You can be the best writer in your niche and not have readers. Your success depends on your willingness to go the extra mile.

  • Learn everything you can from successful bloggers who are doing what you want to do. Watch how they navigate the Internet, read, and attend conferences to meet bloggers and learn from them.

Started blogging: July 2008

Blog provided stable income in: April 2009

Income estimate: High-level part-time income

How Renee makes money: Primarily from writing and videoblogging for brands and spokesperson positions. She also earns some revenue from advertising on her blog.