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Successful Mom Blogger Michelle Lamar

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Michelle Lamar started her White Trash Mom blog in 2005, just to understand how blogging worked. Initially, she blogged anonymously, but as she started becoming more successful, she decided to put her real name on her writing. The blog was intended to be sarcastic and funny, and she never intended that it become anything more than a humor blog.

Two features on Guy Kawasaki’s prominent How to Change the World blog and in the Washington Post changed all that: Michelle was soon contacted by several book agents who wanted to help find her a book deal. She published several books in August of 2008.

Michelle soon found that not everyone got the joke of her writing style and White Trash Mom persona. Her 15 years of prior marketing and business experience were getting lost in a personal brand that misrepresented what she was truly capable of.

She decided to start a separate blog in order to establish her personal brand as a separate entity from her blog’s brand.


As a part of her book’s promotional tour, she was traveling around the country and aggressively seeking additional freelance writing and marketing work. Her blog and book weren’t earning the kind of income she wanted or needed. On that tour, she met one of her future employers who hired Michelle almost immediately for several projects.

Soon she was offered the full-time position of Vice President of Media with a small marketing firm. Now, Michelle is an Account Manager for Spiral 16 social media monitoring software. Her blogging experience has landed her not one, but two lucrative full-time jobs.

Michelle continued to find that her White Trash Mom persona was undermining her credibility, so she closed down the blog by the end of 2009. Yet it was her experience as a blogger and a social media mom that led to her getting hired in the first place.

She has maintained the contacts she established while blogging, and relies heavily on the credibility and trust she earned as a mom blogger. By all measurements of success, her White Trash Mom blog enabled her to build her expert résumé and find a perfect work-at-home career.

Michelle’s three tips for blogging success are:

  • You might not get rich blogging. But if you do it because you love it and you are passionate about it, good things will happen.

  • Get involved in your blogging community. The community of online moms offers you a chance to meet some amazing women whom you will form lifelong friendships with.

  • Focus on your niche. Bloggers gain credibility by becoming a resource for readers who trust them to provide information on their topics of interest.

Started blogging: Early 2005

Blog provided stable income in: Her blog never earned stable income, but her resulting jobs did.

Income estimate: Michelle’s position earns her a well-paid full-time salary with benefits.

How Michelle makes money: Her blog served as a steppingstone into her new career, and her current job is her sole source of income.