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Successful Mom Blogger Beth Rosen

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Beth Rosen is a unique case study because she has taken the power of blogging and social media offline to create her business. Beth was an extremely early adopter of technology, starting her first website in 1996. Additionally, at the time, she was hosting a local radio show for area moms.

These two forms of communication merged in her career around 2000 when she became one of the first podcasters to broadcast online. Soon thereafter, Beth added videoblogging to her business.

Because Beth is very active in her local community, area businesses began asking for her help as they began to learn how to use social media marketing. She quickly grew a steady flow of work as she worked with these offline clients to promote their businesses online.

Beth has never made a cent directly off of her blogs. Instead, blogging, podcasting, and videoblogging opened doors for her to develop strategic brand partnerships. Her business has grown from working with local companies to now working with national brands.

Today she has added event marketing to her repertoire, in which she hosts VIP parties with top mom bloggers for top brands. She is also a cohost on the Chicagonista Live online talk show with fellow moms and bloggers MJ Tam, Duong Sheahan, and broadcast journalist Nancy Loo from WGN-TV.

Beth Rosen's blog Chicagonista Live.

Beth’s three tips for blogging success are:

  • Jump in right away to learn about Facebook and Twitter once your blog is set up. Social media will open up a lot of opportunities for you. You are probably already a powerhouse of knowledge, and being active in social media will amplify that.

  • Use your social media and blogging experience to find local consulting opportunities. Most local businesses are still very new to social media marketing and would be happy to hire someone in their own community to help. Many times, these potential clients will already know you, making it even easier to find work.

  • Seek out offline opportunities. Not only is there less competition for your skills, but many times you can produce better results for clients when you combine your online savvy with your offline relationships.

Started blogging: 1996

Blog provided stable income in: The early 2000s.

Income estimate: Beth earns a lucrative full-time income from her consulting and has plenty of freedom to turn down work she isn’t interested in.

How Beth makes money: Consulting with clients who want to work with mom bloggers, planning and hosting live events, and occasionally creating video content for her clients.