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Squarespace Blog: How to Customize and Connect to Social Networks

By Amy Lupold Bair, Susannah Gardner

One of the best reasons to consider a Squarespace blog is the variety of customizations available to you through the Squarespace sidebar as well as the ease of connectivity to social media. Although getting your blog up and running is clearly your focus, after you’ve done so you’ll want to take a look at linking to your favorite social networks and utilizing the tools at your fingertips thanks to Squarespace.

How to link your Squarespace blog to social networks

Social media provides bloggers with an amazing tool to promote their content and grow their online community. One of the easiest ways to utilize this tool is to connect your blog directly to the social media platforms where you are already active.

To get started linking your social media accounts to your blog, select the gear icon on the left sidebar and choose Connected Accounts. This area is the social media hub of the Squarespace platform and will allow you to connect your site to the most popular social media services on the web.


To choose which accounts to connect to your blog, click the Add Account button in the upper-right corner of the page. A menu of social media sites appears. Continue to click Add Account as often as you’d like until you have added all the social media accounts you want to connect to.


Linking your content to your social media channels to promote your content is a great start, but you may also want to allow your readers to share your content on their social media as well. Squarespace provides share buttons for the following social media platforms that can be integrated into your blog:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google+

  • LinkedIn

  • StumbleUpon

  • Reddit

  • Pinterest

  • Tumblr

How to use the Squarespace sidebar

As you may have noticed by now, the Squarespace sidebar is an integral part of your Squarespace blogging experience. Not only is this where you can go to change everything from your basic account information to your billing preferences, but the sidebar also allows you to customize your website from top to bottom. Some of the features of the sidebar include:

  • Activity Menu: This area allows you to monitor your blog’s traffic, traffic sources, most popular content, search queries that have brought traffic to your blog, and the comments left by your readers.

  • Settings: Want to try your hand at editing your blog’s code? Ready to change the look of your site? This is where you go to make these changes. This menu is where you find the general information associated with your site, too. It is also important to note that this menu contains the Squarespace Help section.

  • Commerce: Blog monetization is a hot topic and one that is covered in detail in Part VI. Squarespace provides you with a way to sell goods and services directly from your site by building an online store that can be integrated with your blog.

  • Preview: If you want to get a glimpse of what your readers are seeing while you make changes to your blog, select the eye icon to take you to the blog preview screen.