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SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

The SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool is free, easy to use, and will give you great mom blog post ideas to write about. Mom bloggers need to research keywords to find out what topics people want to know about — or what questions they want answered. Identifying keywords is a process of discovery.

Here’s how to use the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool (it requires a free signup):

  1. Sign in to the SEO Book website, then go to the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool.

  2. Type a keyword into the text field.

    Use very simple words here to get the broadest results for your search. Multiple words are always treated as an And modifier, not an Or modifier. This means that if you type in holiday ideas, all of your results will contain both of those words. You will get more general keyword suggestions if you just type in holiday.

  3. Click the Submit button.


As you scroll down to view the results, you’ll see a huge amount of data and numbers that are there only for advanced level SEO professionals. The only two columns you need to pay attention to are the WordTracker column with the suggested phrases and the Overall Daily Est column that gives you a ballpark figure for the volume of daily searches for those phrases.

You’ll see that there’s a very wide range of suggestions, from Holiday Inn to holiday traditions to 2011 calendar of federal holidays. If you’re a food blogger, you can focus on the highest volume terms that are related to cooking, such as

  • Holiday recipes

  • Holiday appetizers

  • Holiday cookies

  • Holiday diet tips

You can use these keyword phrases as stand-alone blog post titles, or as more general post ideas, such as, “Christmas Tree Sandwich Platter Appetizer Recipe.”

The tool pulls information from sources that change all the time, so your results will be different during spring break and in December because of seasonal influences.

Phrases at the top of the SEO Book keyword suggestion list have the highest volume of searches and will — potentially — send your blog more traffic than suggestions lower on the list. If you can rank first on a search engine result page for a suggestion lower on the list, that may send you more traffic than if you rank tenth for one of the phrases at the top.

Don’t get too carried away with placing lots of keywords into your content. Write for people first, search engines second. If your writing gets too repetitive or difficult for a normal person to read, search engines might get to the point of penalizing you instead of rewarding you. Extreme use of keywords on a page is called keyword stuffing, and it will turn off both your readers and the search engines.