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Scalability and Mom Blogging

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Scalability is one of those absolutely annoying MBA-ish jargon words that you would probably never think would apply to a mom blogger. But what scalability really means is just that a business needs to have a structure in place that allows it to grow.

Of course you want to grow your income — but you also want to increase the number of opportunities available to you, both personally and professionally. You also want to scale your business to avoid time management problems.

In the mom-blogging world, scalability can refer to technology, content creation, traffic growth, advertising reach, publishing medium, diversified income sources, and marketing strategies.

  • Technology: For most blogging businesses, you need a website capable of many different potential features. These could be adding a shopping cart, a forum, or community; integrating Facebook or Twitter applications; adding custom advertising placements; or streamlining administrative functions.

  • Content creation: For some blogs, you are and will always be the only writer. Other times, you may want to bring in more writers to increase the volume of content you publish. But even if you wish to remain a one-woman show, you still need to devise ways of creating more content beyond your regular blog posts.

    Ways of doing this are various: Add a photo blog, add videoblogging or podcasting, or create resources for your readers such as free downloads.

  • Traffic growth: The online marketing skills you have developed to grow your blog up to that point were not the same skills you needed to grow beyond that point. To reach increasing levels of traffic, you need to get more sophisticated with your traffic-building skills. These include search engine optimization, link building, syndication partnerships, and purchasing online advertising.

  • Advertising reach: As you find advertisers and sponsors to work with, increasing traffic will (for the most part) increase your revenue. But as social media get more integrated into people’s daily lives, you also need to ensure that you have a growing presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also expand your advertising reach by publishing multimedia or mobile-enabled content.

  • Publishing medium: Many writers find their blogging careers take them beyond writing just for themselves. You may start writing for other blogs and online publications, and move on to writing for magazines or get a book deal. These all require skill sets other than those you need for writing on a blog.

  • Diversified income sources: Things change too quickly in the online world to rely on only one or two sources of income from your blog. It is critical that you work hard to diversify how you make money, including working with multiple advertisers or multiple sponsorship packages, selling different categories of products, adding affiliate marketing links, or running multiple websites.

  • Marketing strategies: Having all your traffic or publicity come from one place is a similar problem to having all your revenue come from one place. That source can go away at any time.

    You never want to build your blog on a foundation that relies solely on another business to succeed. Strive to grow your blog and brand in multiple ways, such as search engine optimization, PR, networking, speaking at events, and via social media.